Frugal Fabric Hunting

A future pillow and some nice winter pants.

A future pillow and some nice winter pants.

We spend a lot of time talking about recycling, upcycling and reusing items around our home. We love to tout about our latest thrift store, dumpster diving or other such adventurous finds. Fabric should be on you list of things that can be easily recycled and given new life. New fabric can be so costly, especially quality cotton and wool. Why not give new life to old fabrics? Who doesn’t love a new blanket, curtains, throw pillows or even clothes. Talk about some really cool decorating ideas with fabric, always consult first for those.

I was lucky enough to have a neighbor cleaning out her mother in law’s home and land a huge and growing stockpile of fabrics and notions. However, I have noticed other opportunities to grab fabric for reduced cost or even free. Never forget Maria in the Sound of Music making clothes from drapes. Old curtains or sheets (easily found on freecycle, reuseit or other sites such as craigslist) can fulfill your dreams of some new sewing projects. Checking out estate sales is another great place to find such treasures.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Never fear learning to sew by hand isn’t all that hard, just takes a bit of practice. We will have some how to sew information coming out soon.

Light, Love and Peace!

6 thoughts on “Frugal Fabric Hunting

  1. Great post!! Used to be that fabric was sooo inexpensive but that’s certainly not the case anymore. These are strange times we’re living in. I went to the store & saw that soup bones were $2.49/lb. Outrageous! Soup bones were almost given away years ago. It’s not real easy to be frugal in this day & age. It’s possible… just a lot harder to do.



    • I know, things are totally reversed these days. Refined flour and sugar were treats and really expensive to have where as “raw” sugar and “whole wheat” flour were low priced and that is what everyone used. It is all just so backwards!


  2. Our local thrift stores always have yards of fabric for sale for pennies. I found some lovely lace that, with the addition of a couple of hooks & some creative draping, became really lovely window treatments. I’ve also found some great blankets … both full size and “throws” for these cold winter nights on the couch. Recovering kitchen chairs would be another great project for “found” materials … grab the material and a staple gun and get creative. Thanks for a wonderful post!


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