The Month of Planning


January needs to be renamed planning, since that is when most of it gets done for the new year. We have a lot going on this year, as you noticed in my previous post. Well here is the detailed break down for January:

  • Putting together our official business plan
  • Get all the wood cut for shelving in the dining rooms and the kids’ rooms
  • Finalize sketch of garden layout and create a rotation plan.
  • Sketch out where mini orchard is going in.
  • Set up 2013 garden journal
  • Inventorying seeds, setting up database
  • Swapping, trading, buying, selling seeds
  • Making seed pots from newspaper
  • Organizing crafting supplies and making a list of what we need
  • Prepping for #SuperSowSunday
  • Prepping potting soil
  • Ordering Manure Tea from Authentic Haven Brand
  • Writing the first eBooks to come out of Squirrel Point Farm
  • Sprucing up the blog site
  • Setting up online storefront
  • Cutting Wood
  • Designing hen house and chicken run.
  • Designing mini barn
  • Creating drawings, taking photos and creating pictures to go with pages and blog posts.

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