Beating the Winter Blues

snowShort often dark, dreary days accompanied by long, cold nights can make the perkiest of people feel down. We have eaten so much rich holiday food, not enough sunlight and a gazillion other reasons to feel depressed. We get down, weather turns nasty and we can toss in cabin fever as well to the pile of winter ailments.

So how do we make ourselves feel better? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Take advantage of every good day and go outside. Fresh air and even a tiny bit of sunshine will make you feel refreshed. Go on a walk, a nature walk is even better. 
  • Turn it up! The music that is, find happy, upbeat songs and instrumentals to listen to.
  • Turn the new off, ok for news addicts limit yourself to morning and evening. There is research out there that since news broadcasts went 24/7/365 the rate of depression has increased and as had suicide. Keep up with world events but don’t spend the day listening to it all.
  • Set up bird and squirrel feeders near your windows so you can watch these critters enjoy a good meal and the antics they have. I am telling you squirrels rock.
  • Wear bright colors, change the color scheme in your house or at least your favorite rooms to bright colors.
  • If you need to get a daily positive quote sent to your inbox.
  • Call up a friend and just talk.
  • Plan a garden! It doesn’t have to be veggies, plan a pretty flower garden. Better yet maybe find a little space and make an indoor garden that brightens your home and makes it smell wonderful. Herbs are best for this and so many uses.
  • Cuddle your pet and give them a squeeze or too. Tell them your secrets, they won’t tell anyone else. Most pets will at least listen to you without talking back or interrupting.

If you have anything that you do that isn’t listed here, let us know!


Light, Love and Peace!

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