A Lot To Do

Rethinking ThingsI have been going through all of my old articles. I have years worth of material written that all deserves to be shown off in a new light. By new light, I mean I need to re-write them for current information and better formatting. It gives me a chance to do some self editing as well. For some I have no idea if there were even any photos to go with them, but I will definitely scare some up or perhaps get the old sketch book out and make pictures, especially for some of the how to articles. This is going to be a process and I know in the end they will be totally new articles, God only knows where some of these may be published. Really I would like fresh content so re-writes here we come.

I am also working on converting recipe posts to pages. Another long term project but it will be so worth it in the end. After some thought and talking to a few published friends, I am giving my book my own work over. Let’s say creative differences and the changes that were being asked of me totally changed and cheapened the book I wanted to see produce. So I am off to other avenues for that one and several others. My goal is to have a series of eBooks available by spring.

Other projects for right now include cutting wood whenever we can, prepping garden beds for spring, flipping through garden porn aka seed catalogs, organizing our current seed supply and just so many things. There is always something to do and it some times feel like everything needs to be done at one time. Not true in most cases but it does get overwhelming. I am trying to be patient and keep the picture in my mind’s eye of what this will all look like in the spring.

What projects are you working on?

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