Building Our Homestead

There are few things we need to acquire in order to put our year one plans fully in place.

  • An electrician (need to upgrade the electric box and run power to the workshop, a couple of extra outlets in the house wouldn’t hurt either).
  • New tines for the Mantis tiller I picked up at a moving sale. You can’t beat a running one with a couple of attachments and some 2 cycle gas for $10.
  • Chain saw, not just for firewood but to take care of some of the stumps I want to turn into salable crafts.
  • Supplies to finish off the workshop: sheetrock, wood stove, insulation, etc.
  • Crafting supplies for the various projects we will be making available this spring in our upcoming store.

Now will all that said the year one plan includes:

  • Getting the garden in.
  • Getting cottage industry started.
  • Collecting a year’s worth of firewood.
  • Canning, freezing, preserving in some way all produce.
  • Giving away extra produce this year.
  • Getting the workshop fixed up as a functional building.

Will I be doing all of this on my own? Oh Hell No. I am learning to delegate. Actually I have children that are interested in doing quite a bit of this and then there is my dad. Daddy doesn’t know what to do with himself if he has no work. He is on disability because of his heart/lung conditions. However, I have found that when he gets to create something or work in the garden, he fairs much better. So creating the cottage industries, a number of the items will be his creations. It helps me and really makes him feel needed and useful. He came up old school, if he is breathing he should still be taking care of his family.

So in order to accomplish this I am going to need a bit of help. I am running an campaign to raise the funds. This will be cool because there will be a few perks for sponsoring us. Why am I using crowd sourcing to get my homestead business up and running? I am a working single mom. I get my bills paid but it really doesn’t leave any extra.

Now think of all the information and howtos I will be able to share with a fully functional homestead? I know right? Lots of stuff, everything from how to cut, split and stack firewood to how to can, dehydrate and preserve foods. Oh things like how to install a wood stove. How to run electricity. How to hang sheet rock. Oh the videos that will be coming out, bloopers and all. If I can swing it I might even get a decent video camera and the software to make cool videos.

Don’t forget to check out our campaign.

Light, Love and Peace!

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