You Are Crazy!

Yep, I have been told I am crazy and unrealistic. Why? Because my immediate plans include becoming prepared for anything. Because I am going to go back to school for a degree not many have heard of, apparently. The degree is Horticultural Therapy. Because if I have to work outside the home I want a job that has flexible scheduling and pays well. Because I intend to run a crowd source campaign to raise money for some improvements and supplies to start a creative cottage business. I am crazy because I want to live sustainably and be self-reliant.  And writing, getting published and all that doesn’t happen to too many people so don’t count on that panning out. The only thing this person is thankful for is that I stopped the whole crazy idea of homeschooling. Hate to tell said person but if the kids really wanted to go back to homeschooling I would do it in a heart beat.

Now with all that being said rest assured that I fully intend to continue with my plans, if nothing else this has made me more determined. I think I am being realistic in believing in myself and wanting to live out my dreams. Life is way too short to stay on the side lines. I intend to arrive at the finish line margarita in hand shouting, damn what a ride!

How do you deal with naysayers and/or those who think you have lost your mind? I mean why go to all the trouble of growing your own food when you can go to the grocery store?


Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “You Are Crazy!

  1. At some point in my life I realized that people wanted me to conform to their reality because it somehow justified their actions. Their reality left me feeling unhappy and lost. So I set out to create my own world … and friends & family thought I was crazy. But you know what … they are also envious of my life … of how I choose my own direction and how it makes me happy. More than once I’ve been told that they “wish they were brave enough” to do something I’m doing. Once I realized that calling me crazy was more a defense mechanism on their part, it made me see things differently. I’ve never particularly cared if others like my path or not but now I can have sympathy for them because they aren’t really telling me that I’m crazy … they are saying that their life is lacking.


    • I realize that they are simply jealous. The hard part was it came from someone whom I thought would be a lot more supportive than they have been. Oh well, when I am sitting cozy, warm and well fed, with almost no bills (in the near future) we will see how they feel. 🙂 I am going to persevere and continue. Thanks for coming on the journey with me!


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