Dining Room to Greenhouse

Yep, my dining room is going to become my new sun room/green house. We will still enjoy meals there but I think with the optimal amount of sun that comes in it will be perfect for starting new plants and keeping a few in the house to enjoy in the kitchen. So that is one of my next projects. Constructing shelving and setting up planters and such so that we can enjoy a bit of earthiness inside during this cold winter.

I don’t think this photo does the room justice. There is more wall space to the left that doesn’t even show up, plus more behind the table and to the right. We have also adding a serving table in since the photo was taken. I guess that means I need to stop being lazy and get an updated photo.

I love the giant window and even the smaller one that holds the window A/C unit let in a tremendous amout of light. The temperature in here is fairly constant all year round, I haven’t put a thermometer in there yet but will soon. I still would like to eventually put in a sky light and take out those silly pot lights. Maybe a sky light that can act as a solar panel and be able to run some smaller LED lights in the room at night. Hhhmm… definitely something to consider.

Anyway, just imagine this room with shelving, potting plants and so much more. It should look like quite the edible jungle by the time I am through with it!

Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “Dining Room to Greenhouse

  1. That sounds like a great idea with that large window there in that room. I like to grow things inside as well, because it's a bit more predictable when it comes to weather (if that makes sense). Still there are other things to consider …


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