The Week in Review

This week was very interesting. We prepped for Hurricane Sandy and were extremely lucky that we had little trouble from her. We found out how much we still need to do to really be sustainable and well prepared. I have put together a very doable work schedule that will actually still allow me quality time with the kids and time for me to write.

Halloween was a big success for us, the kids filled their buckets with candy, got to go bobbing for apples and generally speaking had a blast. I think their night was made when they got to see their EMT Uncle for the first time in months (he is also studying to be a nurse so chances to see him with his schedule are slim).

Friday night was one of my favorite nights this week. Claire went with a friend to a school dance and Morgan had passed out long before that and slept all night. Well he woke up briefly for a bite to eat and then went back to sleep. I had me time! I baked and read, caught up with some old friends on FB, watched a TV show I had recorded. It was kind of creepy at first, the silence was but it made me crave more! So I will be working things out so that every so often I have some me time!

Saturday was an early trip to the eye doctor, Morgan needs glasses too now it seems. And then it was time with my sister in law and niece. The kids have a blast all together and of course my sis and I do too. It is awesome watching my niece grow, 9.5 months old and of course perfectly amazing! She looks for her cousins now when we pull up. Always disappointed when they don’t show (this happens when I escape for a moment of sanity). Then it was Madagascar 3 with Morgan that evening.

Sunday was the best day of all. We planned nothing. So the house and baking got done, laundry too. Claire and I watched Hunger Games together. While we watched Morgan and I played checkers and then some Monopoly. Daddy came down for dinner and Sunday football. All in all it was a peaceful, relaxed day with quite a bit accomplished.

It will be interesting to see what this week brings as I try to keep up with work, kids, writing and building a sustainable homestead.

Light, Love and Peace!

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