The Week In Review

We were like squirrels last week, except instead of gathering nuts and stuff we are gathering wood. With Hurricane Sandy bringing us our first “winter” storm a bit early this has become a strong focus for us. Do we have plenty of wood? We are getting there.

Our goal for this week is to get wood moved from outside into the garage so that it can remain dry. Ever try to start a fire with damp or wet wood? Yeah, it’s a pain. The kids’ main job has been to gather up enough small stuff to use as tinder. It is easier to get the fire going using a little of tinder than to expect big logs to catch right away.

The award winning photo a double rainbow.

In other news, Morgan took 3 rd over all for his school in an art contest. His category was photography. He was so excited to just get the participation award he was dancing on stage. Then he got his ribbon and he was in heaven.

He also made honor roll for his first marking period. And after so much worry, struggling, etc he is a full fledged reader with a special love of humor and mystery/thrillers. I am so very proud of my boy!

I really need to scan in the finished photo don’t you think?

Claire is working on a straight A honor roll marking. She turned 14 this week and showed me just how grown up she really can be. Not letting out her secrets but she did refuse to give in to peer pressure and stood her ground. I couldn’t be prouder of her strength and integrity.

I still catch glimpses of my sweet baby girl but I am so proud to see those same glimpses of the young woman she is becoming.

As for me, I enjoyed my first full weekend off in months. I have pretty finalized my work schedule so I will have at least 1 full day off per week, most likely Sundays. I even had time to hangout with some old friends online this weekend. It was amazing.

What cool stuff have you been up to?

Light, Love and Peace!

3 thoughts on “The Week In Review

  1. Wow … congratulations to you and your kids! To them for doing so well in school and in their interests/hobbies and for being such fine people. BTW, your son's photo is fabulous … very nicely done! And to you for excellent parenting because fine people are produced through the love and nurturing of their parents. WhooHoo on getting a whole day off each week. 🙂


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