What is Your Favorite Seed Company?

Time to plan next year’s garden!

It is that time of year for me, I am going through my left over and saved seeds (not many this year) so I can plan my garden next year. I have a ton of heirloom and old fashioned plants to grow for next year but I can’t help myself. I have started making a wish list for next year already. I tend to order from a variety of places. A few of my favorite companies are:

I am also very big on getting together with friends and neighbors to trade seeds. I think I might be able to start a small seed exchange program for this spring, I need to assess what I have and what I can purchase.
What are your favorite seed companies?
Light, Love and Peace!

Author: Tammy Curry

Single mom of awesome kids, writer, social media enthusiast, registered nurse, gardener dragging her family along on a journey to self-sufficiency. I have been described as driven, artsy, genuine and earthy. I am the modern granola girl!

2 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Seed Company?”

  1. Have you tried Johnny's Select Seeds? I love their selections and the way they lay out their catalog for easy choices, cold weather choices, etc., particularly for my Alaska Garden. I also love Territorial Seeds.


  2. Ok, let's try this again. Pretty bad when you can't post on your own blog. Anywho! I love Johnny Select. I chose to list the first seed companies that came to mind and that I could remember their website link. I think my readers would love to hear more about gardening in Alaska! I know I have been contemplating going from coastal South Carolina back into the mountains. Which is a big change in climate for us but Alaska, now that would be a challenge I think.


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