Making Our Home Environmentally Friendly

 We are so lucky that our little house in the mountains is environmentally friendly from the start. We sit in our own little micro-climate. There are mountain and hill tops around us that create a little valley. This helps keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We have a spring for water and wood heat for the warmth.

The biggest lesson we have had to learn is water conservation. We have a small holding tank for the spring so if we aren’t careful someone will be standing in the shower and run out of water. What we had to do was learn to wash smaller loads of clothes and doing smaller loads of dishes helps. Also, faster showers, though everyone is permitted one night a week a long hot soak in a full tub.

As for recycling in general, paper goods are burned in the wood stove and we just have cut back on the amount of pre-packaged foods we purchase. We have started a new compost pile behind the house, filled with grass clippings, mulched leaves, veggie scraps, etc. It should be beautiful by spring planting.

We might have 1-2 bags of trash per week, a far cry from 4-5 bags we have had in the past. If we happen to have plastic bottles those are being saved for spring projects, as are the plastic milk jugs. Glass jars are kept and used for drinking glasses, storing small dry goods and various and sundry other storage uses.

I would really like to get to a point where we have 1 bag of trash every other week if that. But for now I am satisfied with our progress. We are slowly eliminating plastic completely from our household by replacing Tupperware with glass storage, too bad that still use plastic lids. We aren’t buying things in aluminum or “tin” cans anymore. Plastic shopping bags are being used until they fall apart for a variety of things including going shopping. Maybe one day when time allows we will try making plarn again.

Is there one thing you can do to create less household trash? Tell us what it is!

Light, Love and Peace!

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