Clean Coal?

Borrowed from Political Musings by Monterey

Yes, I have pulled out my soap box once again, sorry folks. If you aren’t interested in liberal ramblings you might want to pass this one by.

According what I found on the Department of Energy website this clean coal technology research has only just begun. Researchers are still vying for money to develop a viable way to clean coal. Sorry my usual Polly Anna outlook on new tech isn’t there for this one. Never mind the pollution and all the after effects of burning the crap Black Lung disease is at an all time high again. Run off from coal mining operations has damaged more waterways than ever before.

So tell me where would you rather see energy research money go?

  • Alternative energy sources that already have viable working models?
  • Fossil fuels trying to clean up their act but no viable working model?
Now before you get your panties in a bunch stop and think about it. Coal miners wouldn’t have to be put out of work. There would be a need for jobs to close up coal mines, reforestation and beautification of the areas destroyed by coal mining operations. Many could be retrained to work in the green energy field. There are options. I am not saying shut it all down right this instance, sudden change doesn’t work. 
Just like building a sustainable, self reliant life takes slow change so would converting to alternative energy sources. 
I am just not buying that coal can be cleaned enough to prevent further environmental damage. I happen to enjoy clean drinking water and clean air to breathe. We need to stand up and let the PTB know that we want to preserve Mother Earth not continue to destroy her by de-regulating coal industry, buying in to technology that is years from having a working model to demonstrate to us or by taking away EPA regulations such as the Clean Air and Water Acts. 
Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “Clean Coal?

  1. Don't you just love how they coin phrases to make people think they are really "greening" up their act. There is no such thing as clean coal. There is such a thing as green energy alternatives to coal. People need to investigate these issues and not just take the word of a politician or corporate CEO who stands to profit by continuing the ruse. For that matter, they shouldn't take the word of us "greenies" either … they need to review the actual facts for themselves. My only disagreement, here, might be that, in this instance, it could be appropriate to make a sudden change … to simply turn off the coal industry. Harsh, yes … but sometimes a slow transition only serves to allow time for benefiting corporations to come up with loop holes which allow them to continue. If we just simply turned it off, everyone would scramble to make Eco-friendly energy sources a reality … a profitable reality. Nothing motivates likes doing without.


  2. Considering it would be easy to switch since there are working models already in place. The biggest hurdle for the average worker would be the learning curve. Going from mining to wind, solar or some other method of alternative energy.


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