Gardening Plans

We are getting ready to layout our new garden for next spring. We aren’t doing raised beds on this property we are going to turn the soil and plant directly. There is no concern here for trash that was buried or other soil contaminants. The grass grows tall and lush in the majority of the area we are going to use for our produce.

We will also take our time and work on terracing the hillside directly behind the house so that we can conserve the soil there and prevent run off. This will more of a native planting area. We enjoyed watching the wildlife from the windows along the back of the house. We have been able to watch hummingbirds, butterflies and other creatures enjoy the hillside. We hope to attract more pollinators to our little farm. We have been lucky enough to see honeybees flying around.

There is a “driveway”/trail that was developed by the owners that will become our orchard area and path to the hill top where we will be placing our barn. It will be just a little tiny barn with an attached coop/hen house. Eventually it will house goats and a small rabbitry as well. We have natural water source at the top of the hill in the form of another spring.

For the garden we hope to be able to set up rain barrels that we can use to water the garden. There will also be run off from the hill side that will help as well. This is an area that isn’t often plagued by drought so we will see how things go.

There are berry bushes and other native plants that need some TLC and they will be absolutely gorgeous next year. The only trees we will not be “messing” with are the big black walnut trees they are producing beautifully and leaving us a ton of walnuts to harvest.

There will be photos of course and maybe a video or two more to go with all the preparations.

As I said before everything in stages. The first year or two will be more about growing plants than animals. We are taking our time and creating a beautiful little place that is our sanctuary from every thing else.

Light, Love and Peace!

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