Fall Means Apples!

Have you been to a pick your own orchard lately? Have stopped at your local farmer’s market? Did you find a roadside stand that bushels of apples and just couldn’t resist? The wonderful, awesome versatile apple is in season!

This one of those fruits, not on the super food list, that I consider a super food. I think the number of varieties of apples are only surpassed by the number of ways you can use them. Desserts, breads, snacks, entrees, drinks and I am probably leaving a few things out.

Over the next few days I will be sharing various ways to store and use apples. Yes, apple sauce and apple butter will be included. Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Light, Love and Peace

PS Need to find a pick your own orchard check out PickYourOwn.org, not comprehensive but a good place to start to find some place near by!

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