Fall is Officially Here!

You know fall is here in the mountains when the leaves change into bright reds, golds and yellows. The mornings are cooler and the afternoons still warm. You know it is time to get the house ready for the colder weather.

There is a slight monkey wrench in our plans. We are having colder than normal temperatures! So instead of leisurely getting wood delivered we are going to put a rush on it. We have electric space heaters but I really don’t want to put that much out in electricity.

We are working on sealing doors and windows to help hold in more heat. Making sure that the mud room and utility rooms are kept warm enough that pipes won’t freeze. And the boy and the dog are learning what cold really means and it isn’t even the coldest it can get yet!

Poor Dolly wouldn’t go out with the first frost on the ground this morning. She has never seen frost, ice, snow, sleet or anything else of that nature in all of her two and a half years of life. She is not liking it. I have never bought or dressed a dog in clothes but I think this year I might have to get the poor thing a sweater and some doggie booties.

Poor Morgan, though he was born here on a cold snowy day, has to  wait either in a vehicle or inside the house to stay warm. This morning was not just a sweatshirt morning for him, he had on a heavy coat over his sweatshirt.

What am I going to do with these two? Claire seems to have adjusted well to being back in the mountains and the cooler weather. As for myself, I enjoy the cool weather for now. 🙂

What are you doing to prepare for cold weather?

Light, Love and Peace!

One thought on “Fall is Officially Here!

  1. We live in the mountains of NC and yep … woke up to frost and chilly temperatures this morning. I rather like the changing seasons. Our goal each year is to stay warm without using any electricity (we live in an apartment and it's the only form of heating we have). We layer up our clothing and have blankets on the couch for the evenings. We adjust the curtains to allow the maximum amount of light (and warmth) in during the day and then, the minute the sun goes down, so do our curtains. We also use rolled up towels along the bottom of the outside doors and the windows … it's amazing how even a small crack can let in a lot of cold air. We also use a humidifier … putting some moisture back into the air helps us breathe better but it also seems to make the air feel warmer. In truth, I feel better without heated air. Stay warm … and enjoy your fall!


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