Decorating Plans

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This is definitely a challenge. After raiding my dad’s storage unit it seems that we are still on shelving and seating. Yep this is what happens when you go from 5 to 3 people and 800 square feet to 1400. There is also the issue of curtains and such. So this is my plan for being easy on the budget and making our cottage cozy.

I am skipping changing out the paint, it is new paint, not colors I would have chosen myself but oh well. I am not buying new anything except for 1″ x 12″ boards. I am going to check out Good Will and our local Habitat Restore for seating and curtains.

We are not building bookcases or shelving units, we will be using brackets, hopefully used ones, to put shelves up in all the rooms. Eventually I will probably enclose these fine pieces of wood to make them appear to be built in.

I am going to search for used curtains or at least fabric to make curtains from. The request has been made for a big fluffy couch. The antique love seats just don’t do the game room justice. I am also going to be searching for lamps.

Used is less expensive and well I have children and a dog, no point in new furniture. Good Will and Habitat Restores typically clean the furniture which makes it well worth looking into. Sometimes used stuff comes with extra residents that I am not in the mood to deal with at this time.

Am I expecting top notch stuff, nope, don’t want it. Again I have children and a dog there is no point. However, I do want to go for the comfy, cozy cottage look.

Will pallets be used again you ask? Why certainly! I just don’t have time to hunt, rip them down and all that right now. For now, I want to get rid of some of the echo in the house. If I am lucky I will find a couple of rugs too or stuff to use to make some rag rugs.

Who knows what ideas I may come up with or what rehab projects I might find. Some ancient piece that is just begging for new life! As long as it is sturdy, re-doing it doesn’t have to be done right away.

I will have before, during and after photos once the house decorating gets underway full swing.

Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “Decorating Plans

  1. Not only is your plan frugal (and sensible), it's very "green" … rather like recycling household goods. If you have a Freecycle in your area, they might be a resource for the things you need. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out. 🙂


  2. Thanks sweetie! I have signed up for freecycle here and we have some things around that will be put to good use as well. Landlord left a bunch of unused lumber. It is all a bit weathered but that just adds to the charm!


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