Just Because It’s on the Internet


Sorry for the tone but let’s talk about this for a minute. I am, after 15+ years of being online, no longer surprised by the bullshit that gets tossed around as truth on the internet. That is why you always fact checked. Sorry just because some forwarded you and 30,000 other people still doesn’t make it true. Just because it has run around Twitter or Facebook doesn’t make it true.

I think the part that irks me are the reasonably intelligent people I know who just blindly say OMG and don’t check it out. One of the latest pet peeve rumors going around happens to be on Facebook and it started a while back but has yet again resurfaced. The whole hover over my name and click this and that.

Well we all have a love hate relationship with Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook. Yes, when they make changes  it automatically makes all your shit public, well not always and not for everyone. But this does happen.

However, telling your friends to hover their mouse over your name, spin in the chair 5 times, fart and then click this that and the other won’t change your settings. Privacy settings folks are in your control. You don’t want it out there either a) Don’t put it out there or b) Fix your own damn privacy settings!

Keep in mind though that your bestest friend since the womb may have their settings to something else so inadvertently from time to time their other friends will see your comment on your best friend’s latest meme, status or what not.

There is no 100% guarantee that your privacy will not be invaded online. Want to know how much is out there about you that you haven’t even put out there, Google your name and then suck it up buttercup because your information is out there for all the world to see already.

My rant for the day is done.

Peace, Love and Light!

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