Plotting and Planning

Those of you who have known me for ages, know that I am always plotting and planning something. Honestly, I have taken a lot of time to sit back and re-assess our situation. This is what I have come up with: I was trying too hard to push through before my brain had a chance to catch up and wrap itself around the events of this spring and summer. So! Instead of bull dogging my way through life and not taking time to enjoy everything I am going to take my time and move slower. I know, I have said this before but really when have any of you known me to do things slowly? I tend to rush feet first into everything.

The basic layout of all the changes, homesteading and getting the Sustainable Education Initiative going in a nutshell:
  • Develop a realistic 5 year plan.
  • Follow said 5 year plan
  • Take time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us everyday.
  • Put more coffee back in my life
  • Learn to relax a bit more
The first two years will look something like this:

Year 1:

  • Spend this fall and winter prepping for a nice large garden next spring.
  • Continue to make our new house more of a home.
  • Get our routines down pat before taking on too many projects
  • Get the new final edits done and start next book project
  • Make sure we have plenty of firewood for the winter
  • Set up compost bins
  • Get shed/workshop cleaned out

Year 2:

  • Work the garden, just for us this year. Past experience first year gardens are iffy.
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Clear a space and build a hen house and run for chickens
  • Fence off property
  • Get rain barrels in place and set up for irrigation
  • Purchase chickens, breed to be determined
  • Continue to work on books
  • Build deck on side of the house
  • Continue to make our home ours
  • Back to school for horticultural therapy degree. Part time to start, no rush to get it done!
  • Master Gardener certification is a must.
I will add more details over time for the next three years of the plan. But for now this seems to be enough to concentrate on. With 1.5 acres of land there are a lot of options, including some other small livestock in a few years. Like I said no rushing off headlong to get it all done. There is no reason to do things that way and only do them half way. I do have to work a “real” job as well and taking my time takes the pressure off to figure out when I am getting it all done.
Light, Love and Peace

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