Little House in The Mountains

This is our own Plum Creek. Think little house in the mountains.

been a good thing for us.

The kids have much larger bedrooms now. Forest Fairy actually having the largest bedroom in the house with an ideal layout for entertaining other teenage friends and a plethora of closet space. Super Hero has managed to fill most of his nooks and crannies with his various collections of toys and is actually considering now which ones he has out grown and wants to donate to other kids. Sorry to any organizations out there, he is planning on giving his Duplo blocks to his new little cousin aka Tink as soon as she is old enough to handle them.

That won’t be long actually she is trying to catch up to her much older and larger cousins. At 6 months old she is crawling, rolling and pulling herself up. It also looks like Tink is going to be the blue eyed red headed baby my mom always wanted, but I am pretty sure she would be glad she didn’t. Yes, we have the full on Irish temper, red hair coming in and blue eyes. Not baby blue eyes but the family deep sea blue setting in with the complimentary fair skin and promises of the cutest freckles. Ok, I won’t bore you with baby tales, at least not in this post but she is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen.

If you remember we set out on Saturday, July 14th to start our new lives. 4 of us crowded into the cab of a moving truck. Yep, me, the kids and Dolly. We took our time as we traveled north leaving the hot, humid weather behind. We stopped frequently to stretch, let Dolly go potty and drink some water. She even shared some fast food with us. Yeah I know we shouldn’t eat that crap but what is a road trip without it? I will say this, pizza is not on the menu for a little while. I think the last month or so we have eaten more than our fair share of it.

We stopped over night in the foothills of the Blue Ridge near Mount Airy, NC (yes the boyhood home of the late Andy Griffith). My closest friend, really she is like my older sister, once again opened her home, her heart and her arms to us. And her pantry to my kids, for some reason the kids seem to think they are entitled to more than an occasional feeding. We got up the next morning, waited for some Howard coffee (I will never figure out how this man makes the coffee the way he does but it is to die for and worth the drive, it tops Starbucks) and then we finished the last leg of our journey to our new home. We settled up with our landlord and lady, awesome people BTW, and began the process of unloading the beast.

Unloading definitely took a lot less time than loading, thanks again to friends who had helped us pack and kept things somewhat organized. A couple of rough nights while we got sorted and here we are, one toilet short but happy as clams.

I miss my friends but I don’t miss sand in my house at all times nor the heat and humidity. I have taken up front porch sitting in the early mornings and late into the evenings. The peaceful sounds of wildlife surround us at all times. Even our normally exuberant Dolly has become calmer and seems to have settled in quite nicely.

Light, Love and Peace!

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