Excitement Building!

The mountain in the background is now so true!

No, not excitement over my birthday. Excitement over our new beginning. Plans are forming in my head for our new farm location. I have been a bit envious of many of my #gardenchat friends on twitter with their beautiful gardens. I know it takes time and devotion to build them but things just never seem to go quite right for me, at least not here (count down is 3.5 days until we move in). The property we are moving to just looks perfect to have beautiful gardens.

We will still be going for edible landscaping. We will still be continuing our sustainable journey. We will be moving forward. I keep looking at the property on the map plotting, well really planning where everything is going to go. I am going to focus on growing for us first and then we will see where things go from there. I am hoping that I will have enough to barter for other goods. Not that I can’t go to the grocery store but why spend hard earned cash when you don’t have to. There are neighbors with chickens, goats, cows, pigs and I am sure neighbors that hunt. So a bountiful veggie patch will be the perfect tool to tap into resources. And not just veggies, but perhaps fresh baked goods, etc. I am getting more and more excited with each passing moment.

The resources available to tap into locally to live sustainably are abundant. The resources for enhancing the kids’ public school education are enormous! We will have access to so many things and have the ability to make this next chapter of life such a grand adventure. Opportunities keep popping up and we aren’t even there yet! Did I mention it is only 3.5 days until we move in to the house?

In my mind I picture beautiful flower beds around the front of the house, my veggie patch off to the side and plenty of room for the kids to run and be kids. There are plenty of windows in the house so growing a few things indoors will be a piece of cake. I will have the room to have a huge planter in the house for herbs. There is room for containers that will hold beautiful air purifying plants and fresh veggies. 

If we stay the plotted course our new little cottage (ok not so little it is twice the size of the trailer we are in now) we will be self sufficient in the next year. Does that mean we produce everything on our own? Nope, but it means will have access to everything we need and will have kept our cost of living down to a minimum. 

Tomorrow is the final packing day. A visit with another friend I hate to leave behind, a trip to pick up the moving truck and the work of loading begins. Tomorrow night will be pizza and early to bed. Saturday morning will be a final once over and cleaning before we take off from the low lands of the beach to highlands of the mountains. A stop over at my big sister’s house (remember relationships don’t always have to be by blood.) and then Sunday up the mountain into Virginia to settle in for our new life.

Until we meet again!

Light, Love and Peace!


If you wish to help us out with the only cost we are struggling to cover you can go out to our ChipIn.com campaign and make a small donation. If you can’t donate, please at least share the link. 

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