The Plan

There is always a plan, it doesn’t always go the way I want, but there is always a plan.

We are loading up and taking off for Virginia Saturday morning. Spending the night in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Sunday afternoon we will be moving into our new home. No electricity until Monday but the weather promises to be cooler in the mountains so we will camp in the house for our first night.

Monday our goal is to drop off the moving truck and pick up our van. Tuesday I will be going to orientation and getting started with my new job. Yeah! Some time the end of the week we should have internet installed in the house and the kids will be registered for school.

Google was nice enough to photograph the house while under construction.

Now there are some neat things to say about our new little home. Firstly, I am not sure how much property there is but definitely enough to prep gardens for next spring. The entire house has been redone with blown in recycled material for insulation, new wiring, plumbing and energy efficient appliances. It is on a spring fed well with septic. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have spring fed well water, there is nothing else in this world like it. It is heated solely by wood stove. We will be putting in our own portable AC and window units for cooling, though not as necessary in the mountains as they are down here in South Carolina.

We may not have animals just yet but there are plenty of neighbors to get fresh eggs from and perhaps do a little bartering for other items. We will have plenty of storage in the utility room, there is an attached carport with a lovely red concrete floor. The room that houses the wood stove, if memory serves me, could also be a sun room/plant room. Many of the upgrades and fixes done to this house are what we had hoped to do here in the trailer. In a way it gives a us boost on our journey.

I think the true selling point on this little gem is the fact that my dad and brother and his family are less than a mile away. Add to that some really nice neighbors and Squirrel Point Farm will be in a better place. Safely ensconced in its only little holler with a beautiful breeze blowing and views that are to die for. A peaceful road that is not traveled often except by the denizens of this little area.

With this post we will be signing off until we have internet again.

Wishing you all the best!

Light, Love and Peace!

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