Laughing and Sound Effects

While I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday talking to a close friend, enjoying a cup of coffee and gossiping we heard this weird noise coming from the living room. It was something that there hadn’t been a lot of lately so it was odd to hear it. Laughter. Forest Fairy was just laughing her butt off at some video game walk through. It wasn’t a forced laugh, it was a genuine belly laugh where her whole body shook. It was one of the most awesome sounds I have heard in a long time. 

Super Hero has been making sound effects for actions for a while now, however, lately these seem to be included in any story he is telling. Whatever actions are required to illustrate his tale for you he does with grandiose gestures. Normally requiring the use of his whole body. Now those gestures are punctuated with sound effects, I believe the sole purpose is to bring his story to life. Some times I get lost in the gestures and sound effects and don’t pay attention to the tale itself, I am too busy trying not to laugh at Super Hero’s theatrics. 
Light, Love and Peace

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