Changes Coming

There are some changes coming to the farm once again. Nothing bad this time. We are moving to Virginia. To be honest it is back to Virginia for the first time in seven years. After some family discussions and such we need to be closer to family. Not that our friends haven’t been the best in the world and we are ever so greatful to all of them and love them dearly. There is just something about family that we need right now.

I was able to find work much faster than in South Carolina. We even found a house close to my dad and my brother and his family. Excellent schools for the kids and I will be returning to school in the spring. We are still going to live sustainably. Our electric usage actually will be much less in the little house we have found and there is plenty of storage room for everything. We will have a long term lease, less land to work with but we will still be able to grow a nice veggie patch. Our biggest blessing with the house though is the ability to keep Dolly. Trying to rent with a pet of any kind, especially a large dog is extemely difficult.

Now this is all happening pretty fast. In the next 10 days we will be moved up into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains once again. It is almost as if we are moving full circle. This isn’t a sudden decision but one that is been considered for a few months. I wasn’t confident in saying anything until I made a final decision. Once that decision was made and the ball rolling it just hasn’t stopped.

Just as an FYI we will be without internet when I return home. I will only be in South Carolina for a week and a half at most before returning to Virginia to continue with our journey there.

Light, Love and Peace!

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