Eggs, Veggies and More!

Today was a busy day, yet again. I had a job interview with Home In Stead Senior Care. Fairly flexible hours, good pay for non-medical assistance and I should know by Friday if it is a go. Just waiting on background and reference check. Unemployment eligibility review was today, yep I am still eligible. Hopefully, I will be through with them soon. I tried to get the oil changed today but I didn’t have the patience to wait. So I am made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

As for our veggies, we harvested our first batch of cow horn hot peppers today. I think the next batch I am leaving on the vine until they turn a beautiful hot red. They are in the same family as jalapenos and are on the Scoville scale at around 2,500. I did a quick check in the rain to see how our other veggies are doing. The pickling cucumbers are coming in strong but I do have a two legged varmint problem. There will be no pickles if Forest Fairy and Super Hero keep eating them off the vine.

Tomatoes will be ripening soon and the squash plants, those that survived the squash bug infestation, seem to be doing well. The bell peppers and sweet banana peppers will be ready soon as well. Our two potato plants are still growing and I am still building up soil around them. There won’t be a ton of potatoes but enough for a few good meals around here. And there are more baby watermelons starting.

We are cooking on a regular basis with fresh herbs from our herb boxes (formerly strawberry boxes). Food tastes so different with fresh herbs. Less salt is needed when you use fresh herbs. Even some of the fresh herbs we have dried still cause sensual flavor sensations.

As for our hens, we get 3-8 eggs per day. Again, those two legged varmints can put away some fresh foods. I love sitting a chair outside under one of the big oak trees watching and listening to the chickens. They make happy sounds as they munch on bugs, take dirt baths or just simply scratch around. There is definitely something relaxing about watching those eating machines.

Hopefully the rain will let up for a little bit tomorrow so I can get some photos of the great stuff growing and maybe some updated chicken photos as well.

Light, Love and Peace!

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