Quiet Sunday

Enjoying being a chicken.

A semi-quiet day. It was a sleep in kind of morning here. I think we are all just a tad bit worn down. I know I am. The boy has had pink eye but is doing well with the ointment from the doc. The girl is re-arranging her room and downsizing.

The garden is doing well we are started to get cucumbers from it and looks like a few tomatoes soon. We have a few baby watermelons forming and the potatoes are going strong still. Tons of Cow Horn hot peppers almost ready for harvesting, bell peppers and sweet bananas coming along nicely.

We are using our own fresh herbs in dishes. We used some in our spaghetti sauce for tonight’s dinner. I can’t wait to use our own tomatoes and peppers as well.

We started a game of Monopoly 3 days ago. We just sat and played for 2 hours and still going strong. I love the game, actually it is how I learned to make change, budget and a few other things. Now another generation is playing and fairly cut throat at that, the little buggers.

Light, love and peace!

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