The Road Not Taken?

Probably, I usually do things that way. And of course inspired by Robert Frost. I should blame my mother, that is what we are supposed to do right? She read a lot to me as a small child. And not just children’s stories but some of our great American poets, particularly Frost and Thoreau.

Anyway I diverge. I have been so busy since we returned from our little vacation. We had such a blast and enjoyed being around family and old friends so much. It was busy but fun and relaxing. The familiarity did not breed contempt at all, bred a sense of comfort that we have needed.

We did pick up an extra passenger for the return trip. Yep, you guessed it Daddy is back with us for a visit. His need to aggravate the crap out of me hasn’t even bothered me. I will swear and I am sure at least one of my brothers would testify to it, that the man wakes up each morning with a new plan to irritate the shit out of someone. But still you gotta love him for it, it is part of his charm.

I honestly enjoyed unplugging while we were gone. Not worrying about logging in and checking email. Even when we came back I was still feeling a bit anti-social. Some of that is wearing off and I am settling into my old self again.

The garden is doing wonderfully, chickens are laying prolifically (6 hens & 8 eggs almost every day). Life seems to on an even keel for now.

We are preparing for the departure of our Bug Bite and wishing her the best in her life choices. She will be returning to Indiana in a couple of days. She has huge plans and I think the chutzpah to see it all through. She’s learned a lot in 6 months and in a few more months will be considered an adult. It is still hard to believe that the cute little toddler I met 15 years ago is becoming a wonderful young woman.

We had an awesome cook out for her going away party this weekend. Complete with grill mishaps, delicious food, great company, bonfire and s’mores. Hopefully it will be another memory of how much we love her that she will carry with her. Bug Bite is not disappearing from our lives just moving on towards bigger and brighter things. We will all stay in contact and look forward to visiting in the future.

As for those of here we are downsizing and looking to clear more clutter out of our lives. I have begun using an online yard sale website and have listed a few items. I will be listing more as time goes on and we continue to declutter.

Time to get dinner on!

Light, Love and Peace

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