Homeschooling On The Road

As we prepare to head north to see family and friends we are also planning out some things to do in the car and stops to make on the way their and the way back home. Not to mention our field trip to Spikenard Farm while visiting. Granted we turn everyday trips around town into a learning experience this will be a little different.

It is a trip that has been made many times in the past, but always with an agenda. We do have to arrive in time to drop Dolly off at our old veterinarian’s for boarding before they close. However, there is nothing to say we can’t make a side trip here and there to visit some place neat. That is the best part of traveling with kids in tow, you have a built in excuse to stop at some little historical place along the way. Or maybe there is a farm to stop at and chat for a while. We will be heading up to the Blue Ridge so there are tons of places to stop and take a good look at what nature provides for us.

We will of course be playing music and talking about lyrics. We always keep track of license plates we see. Maybe we will see how many hybrid cars are on the road. Who knows what car games we will play. Whatever it is we will make an adventure of it and learn more about ourselves, each other and who knows what else. This is a vacation but no reason why we can’t expand our knowledge by exploration.

Our proposed route will take us from Myrtle Beach to beautiful Mount Airy, NC and the surrounding area. It should make for some interesting blog posts.

Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling On The Road

  1. We love taking trips and travelling! I so believe that kids learn more about real life while travelling on the road, instead of learning about things that they never use when they are older šŸ™‚


  2. We also love taking trips! That's why we have chosen to roadschool for as long as we can šŸ˜‰ My thought's are why read about it in books and just seeing pictures when they can actually be there in person. ~> As far as car games to help pass the time, nothing beats the ol' laptop and some free educational sites IMO. My kids love playing and šŸ™‚ ~>We are in Florida at the moment ourselves, gotta soak up them beaches while it's nice and warm lol. Good Luck on all of your travels!Keri


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