Diamotaceous Earth: The Homesteader’s friend

Diamotaceous earth can be found in almost any garden center and definitely from online sources. It is one of those multipurpose products that any homesteader shouldn’t be without and to day I am without it. It is great for pest control, contains calcium which works to neutralize acidic soil and it is all natural.
Diatoms are single celled microscopic plants. They have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Fossilized remains are mined and processed into an extremely fine powder. The process of grinding these fossils into a dust like substance breaks them down into millions + of razor sharp spines. When most insects crawl through DE it slices open their exoskeletons causing vital fluids to leak and the insects to die from dehydration.
I normally use DE on my gardens, lawn, dog and chickens. It takes care of so many pests, my only concern is the harm it can cause to beneficial bugs as well. I am researching more on companion planting and beneficial insects to use around the homestead. Two of my current favorites are beneficial nematodes and praying mantis. I am leaning more towards praying mantis after seeing them raised at the local green grocer.
As a trivia note you can order food grade DE to use as toothpaste, honestly you find it commercial tooth paste already. You might want to make some mint tea to add to it for a paste, the taste is rather bland.

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