Turtle Time!

A few weeks ago we were hanging with the Walser clan (friends, neighbors and fellow unschoolers) and the kids went to explore the woods near by and brought back a huge turtle! We identified it as a yellow belly slider.

We suspect that this beautiful creature had once been a pet and he got too big. He was very friendly and totally unafraid of humans. The kids set him down in the grass and he took off at the speed of light or so it seemed. He hid under the Big Blue Beast for a bit before the kids recaptured him and returned  him to where they found him.

We had other lessons in mind for the day but “Speedy” became our lesson for the day. Between identifying his species and discussing why we can’t keep a wild turtle for a pet to discussing their roaming habits and where they live. We even discussed which of the animal kingdoms he belonged to. Photography lessons were given, there was critical thinking involved and even a bit of math came into play I do believe.

Lessons do not always have to take place in the classroom. The kids had a blast, learned a ton of information and even had fun trying to feed him a bit of lettuce from the garden. It seems to me that hands on learning about something you enjoy brings more to the lesson than any text book or basic homework assignment every could.

Light, Love and Peace!

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