Super Saturday

A rough morning.

It has definitely been a super Saturday so far. Forest Fairy and I took Dolly to the vet clinic hosted by our local Tractor Supply for her shots and a good once over. Other than allergic to fleas she is fine health and she was such a good girl this morning. She was anxious to socialize with other dogs, much improved since our bad experience at the local dog park. She was so distracted by the potential new friends around her that she didn’t even notice her shots. She is weighing in at 60 lbs of pure muscle and apparently a little more growing to do.

The only pitiful part was that she wanted to nuzzle a little Jack Russel pup. The pup would have fit easily into my back pack. She made the most pitiful whining sound with a grumble at the end of it. Poor baby just wants to be a mom, unfortunately for her she is going to be spayed this year. I am positive she would be an excellent mom but we don’t have the room, the funds, nor the inclination to handle pups. American Staffordshire Terriers have huge litters, Dolly herself was on of 12.

Once we got her back home, she loves riding in the van, she has room to walk around and honestly loves to ride up front in the passenger seat or stretched out on the third seat all the way in the back. Forest Fairy and I took off for our local farmer’s market.

While Forest Fairy walked around checking out all the booths I got a chance to talk to Floyd, a local Master Gardener and Adult leader for Growing for Life, our new 4-h gardening club. We are going to focus on this club for now and possibly ad in others in the future. So many things to plan, Floyd is such a joy to talk to. I am definitely going to pick his brain when I start my classes for Master Gardener. Rhonda was there as well, an old friend I haven’t had a chance to catch up with in while but I will definitely see more of her in the future. I love her lily of the day posts on Facebook. Her flowers are as beautiful as she is.

We made it home a little while ago with our haul. Fresh strawberries, patty-pan squash, cucumbers, apples and green beans. I am going to catch up on some blogs, the kids are all laying around quietly and maybe later we will head out to the park. Just going to take it easy today.

Light, Love and Peace!

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