Our School Year

The world is our classroom.

I have been asked how we are wrapping up the end of the school year. The funny thing is the kids are always learning something everyday. Paper work wise we will be ending around Memorial Day. However, learning wise it is a daily thing and a large part of our lives.

Returning to unschooling and relaxing has been a huge benefit to the kids. This spring has been hard for them but they are doing so well. They have learned so much just from daily activities.

In prepping Bug Bite for dual enrollment next year we have done some review of math basics and writing. We found that her love of music and ability to read and understand it was the key to understanding math. She does know how to do research and put together an awesome paper.

Forest Fairy has fallen in love with cooking and at the moment intends to become a pastry chef. Science, math, reading, art and even history are all combined when it comes to cooking. What a way to get interested in school subjects with an edible result.

My Super Hero had almost given up on pursuing reading again, dyslexia makes it harder but we have found ways to work with him so that it is getting easier. Reading together and helping to boost his confidence has made it amazing. Math, this is the child who, when he can’t sleep, gets up a 2 am and does dozens of math work sheets for fun. Science as long as it requires building and or blowing stuff up is pretty cool. He is developing a love a trivia which is helping with history. Writing will come, he can do some pretty basic stuff but he will definitely get there. He loves to dictate stories for me to write down for him.

Is unschooling or even just relaxed homeschooling for everyone. Nope, but it is definitely working for us and it looks like we will be continuing on this journey for quite some time.

Light, Love and Peace!

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