Chicken and Children Holder

Children and Chickens.

Well it’s time to dust and clean out the cobs webs on this blog. A month since my last post? What a bad blogger I am! At any rate things are progressing here on the farm. Still garden beds to build and seeds to sow but we are getting there. If nothing else the beds will get some hoops on them in the fall to extend the growing season even further.

Our biggest accomplishment to date is our “chicken holder” as one of my best friends call it. As you can see, children also fit in nicely. No, I didn’t leave them in there humans got to get out.

It was awesome this morning though to find one of our new hens has felt the need to be quite broody. She isn’t done laying yet but please don’t touch the nest. If she isn’t on it, she will come flying out of no where to chase you away. So in a few weeks I suspect there will be a few chicks, plus the chicks that are coming later on.

My favorite right now are our silkies. We have a hen and a rooster. Eventually this summer they will get their own home here so that we can breed them. This is Silkie Lady, Pretty Boy, our silkie rooster, is a bit camera shy right now but I am determined to get a photo of him as well. She is a sweet docile little thing who lays the cutest little white eggs. I don’t think I have ever felt feathers quite so soft.

I am duly impressed with the girls, they didn’t let a little thing like moving disrupt their egg laying. Now as for our yard rooster, Tailfull, Naughty Boy or whatever other name he seems to have picked up over time, he is very interested now in getting back into the coop. He shows off for the ladies and teases Pretty Boy. So once we get the silkies into their own yard Naughty Boy will go in with the other hens.

I will be bringing you other farm news soon.

Light, Love and Peace!

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