Let the Decluttering Begin

As Mount Washmore was tackled today, I realized that we need to do some decluttering and organizing around our home. Too many horizontal surfaces lead to clutter, dust collections and so much more. However, before I remove a few of those horizontal surfaces we really need to declutter.

This is going to mean going through clothes, personal items, etc. We really do live in a tiny house so we have to rethink what we hold on to.

Questions I am going to share with my kids to help them make some good choices:

  • Do we really need more clothes than we would wear in a week?
  • Does every decorative item really have sentimental value?
  • Do we need to keep every scrap of paper?
  • Do we need to have chotchkeies?
  • Do we need to have duplicates of stuff?
  • How much stuff do we need to really get by in a day?
Once we answer the questions regarding the house, we will ask the same questions of items we have in both sheds. Then we will make a list of the things that we have to have for daily living. The next list will be things that we have strong sentimental attachment to. The next list is things that are nice to have. Then there will be a list of things we just plain want to hold on to.
By making the varying lists we are automatically prioritizing our needs. I want to make room for more food storage, including a small freezer. We have roughly 820 square feet of living space. I am quite certain that we can fit all of our wants and needs in here if we prioritize.
The biggest thing with my 13 yr old is that she is a pack rat and holds on to everything. Borderline hoarder really. So it will be most difficult for her to tackle this task. It is going to take some time to go through her things, clothes especially, and narrow it down. But it is a have to.
I want to go with more shelving for storage and other unique ways of storing items. It is the old adage of “A place for everything and everything in its place.” We just are going to have to create some of that space.
As far as renovations go for this year we are going to concentrate on getting the septic fixed, re-wiring the trailer and covering the roof to seal leaks and insulate it. The rest will have to wait.
We aren’t going to tackle the whole house in a day. We will start with room at a time.
What, if any, plans do you have to declutter and simplify your life?
Light, Love and Peace

2 thoughts on “Let the Decluttering Begin

  1. Well I have been on a mission to de-clutter for the last 5 years. It is taking a long time. I am having a garage sale in June and hope to get rid of the clutter in there. My parents had so many things and saved so much that it has been hard to lighten the load. Not to mention the fact that being an artist creates it's own clutter. Good luck Tammy.


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