Monday’s Madness

Potato Bed

What an awesome feeling, dirt under my finger nails and goals completed. I set out yesterday afternoon to create a couple of raised beds. I will be building more this afternoon. My first pallet bed didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to be for strawberries but it makes an awesome bed for taters.

I had bought organic potatoes at the grocery store and stored them for a while. I cut out the eyes with a little bit of potato still attached and dried them. They are my seed potatoes now safely ensconced in their new bed.

Onions, Scallions and Bok Choi Experiment

I also planted onions, including some scallion roots that I had saved and kept in a baggie with a moist paper towel. Something I saw a twitter friend do a year or two ago and figured I would give it a try. If we cut just the greens we get all the flavor and a summer’s worth of harvests. I also took the base of a Bok Choi plant saved it and planted it to see if it will re-root. I had saved it in a baggie (just like the scallions) and I did notice some new leaves starting in the center, so maybe it will become a lovely little plant and if this is the case then I will definitely do it again and with celery as well.

The other bed that I built yesterday was a strawberry bed. I had been using the staircase planter in front of the house but there isn’t enough sunlight during the day because of the shade trees. So a new bed was in order to get my new order of strawberries safely into the ground. This was just a basic box made from scrap wood we have hanging around.

I definitely need to perfect my abilities in repurposing pallets. There are so many options to use them and I definitely want to do more with them. So I will be experimenting with them some more. For now though I am going to stick to basic raised beds so that I can get my tomatoes, squash, watermelon and cucumbers all in the ground.

I will be building a green bean tee-pee as suggested by Chrissy. I just need to decide where to put this delectable item in the new garden area.

Light, Love and Peace!

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Madness

  1. Hopefully those will get done tomorrow. I got caught up in house cleaning. Always good to do laundry as we run out of clean clothes. The good news is that Mount Washmore has become a hill. 🙂


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