Yesterday’s Adventure and Today’s Dreams

Good morning! I hope you all had a restful night, I know I did. There is something about getting down in the dirt that just seems to heal the soul, at least it is beginning to. Yesterday was a pretty productive day. We got laundry sort of caught up and the house was clean. School came in the form of everyday activities that strengthened foundation knowledge and added a bit more. There will be more on homeschooling over on the other blog later.

We also proceeded outside to start work on the garden. We have had to start over. Cool weather crops are out of luck but we got started on summer crops yesterday.

These are a few of the raised beds that Jay had built for me back in February. They are going to be used for carrots, radishes, onions, beets, etc. Right now in the large center bed are radishes and carrots. There is another large bed that will be placed in that grouping today.

That mound in the back is a pile of wood chips that is aging, some of it has gone to fixing one side of the driveway. Still need to throw another layer down on that, all in good time. We will eventually have a place that looks cleaner and has fewer piles and projects running around the yard.

Now, yesterday got a bit dangerous, I started picking out power tools to use to get things going. I was standing in the middle of the new garden spot and realized that a branch from the mimosa tree was casting shadows. So out came the reciprocating saw and down she went. Yep, I love power tools! I should have consulted with Claire first, apparently she used this limb to boost herself higher up in the tree. I am sure she will manage to find another way to get up there.

Now I didn’t grab photos last night but on top of couple of veggie seeds going in the ground I also planted a number of herb plants basil, sage, rosemary, lavender, dill, chives, cilantro, parsley and possibly one other. They all went into one of the stair case planters in front of the house. I did clean up the other one to prep it for more strawberries, which I called Stark Bro’s to have replacements shipped out. They will be shipped on Saturday!

Today we will work on cleaning up the rest of the junk pile and get to work on our pallet raised beds. I was going to use intact pallets for raised beds but decided that cutting them and putting them back together to make raised beds would look much nicer. I do need to go hunt down some more pallets though! Into these glorious pallets will go all of our summer plants that I will be picking up in the next day or so from a local guy. He gets seedlings and such ready for area people and the funds, I do believe go to putting his grandson through college. Great to support local business and young people.

Well I do have other writing projects to finish up so we can get to working outside.

Light, Love and Peace!

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