Spontaneous Learning!


Good morning! At least it is morning here. Lots going on around here including spontaneous learning. Simple everyday things and a smidgen of strewing is getting the kids more into learning than ever before.

I love it when something as simple as a yard full of dragon flies lead to research about dragonfly migration. Setting up a badminton net lead to a discovery of how angles and other math problems are involved in everyday life. Said net has also lead to a lot of outdoor fun, engagement and exercise.

Encouraging the kids to seek out knowledge in various forms and fashions has prompted more spontaneous learning than would occur in a typical classroom. Each one of my kids has their own way of learning, what I am really enjoying is watching the kids help each other.

The girls have finally caught on that Morgan can read, he lacks a bit of confidence. So they will start reading something to him and he takes over. Instead of being frustrated with his constant questions they are using them as spring boards into their own passions for knowledge. Morgan, out of the three, has a natural ability with math. While his way of mastering math may seem over simplified to some it is just what the girls need to help them understand how to work math problems. Even if he isn’t doing geometry and algebra yet, his ability to concisely put facts and figures into pictures and physically demonstrate them with manipulatives has shown them alternative ways to work it all out.

Strewing is a method of encouraging learning by leaving books, activities, etc out in the open. Most kids are very curious and often times just having something new to look at or to do they will not be able to help themselves but explore. My favorite thing to do is to leave books lying around and watch the kids pick them up. The process is the same, the examine the covers, flip through, skim a bit here and there. From that point they either engage in it completely or set it down. More often than  not they find something that grabs them and then they are off and running.

Spontaneous learning also comes about while we are hanging with our neighbors and fellow homeschoolers. Get all 6 kids together and turn them lose in the woods, the house (theirs or ours), outside and miraculous things happen. Moms sit, watch, guide, engage or whatever seems to be the need at the moment. Then we sit back and look at each other and realize how many subjects they actually cover in a day. Honestly, just about all of them though their top three seem to be math, science and reading. There is always plenty of movement going on so phys. ed seems to be covered every time as well. And not just once or twice a week. This is daily.

The light bulb goes off and it is like the starting gun at the beginning of a race. They take off on their next new adventure.

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