Thank You!

I really want to thank everyone who turned out last night. I had no idea how to put together a life celebration party but honestly I think it went well. A group of friends who got together and had a good time. I was thrilled to death to find two of my closest friend are actually neighbors. I loved how everyone just simply came together to spend time with us.

I will admit that earlier in the day I was an emotional wreck. I would go and hide from the kids for a bit since it seems to upset them when mommy has her moments. Which is OK, if they need me to be the rock I can do that for them. I just have to slip off for a moment or two to breathe. Between selecting photographs and listening to the kids talk and talking through memories with them it was hard.

Once friends (guests just seems to be too formal a word for those who were here) began to show up, I started to relax. Could have done without the coughing spell but that’s what happens when you forget to take your allergy meds. Anyway, all of this to say thank you again. I think having a party was the perfect thing for us. It brought us some closure in the comfort of our friends.

Light, Love and Peace

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