Well It’s Done

This is the new “sassy” look she is developing.

The kids are all now officially being homeschooled. No more virtual charter school. And it is so much more relaxing. I love Calvert Academy of South Carolina but it became so overwhelming for them that busting into tears at every turn is not education and no real learning is taking place.

So we are going to go at our pace to finish the year out. And use all available resources for all subjects. There was a huge sigh of relief throughout the house. And guess what? There was voluntary school work going on. Alternative learning methods came into play and the kids, except for the last plague victim, had fun. It was absolutely amazing.

Now everyone just has to get healthy again so we can go back to hanging with our friends, neighbors and well we have decided we are all just one clan really. Spontaneously learning and enjoying life. Are we unschoolers it will depend on who you ask. Radical definitely not but we are definitely not traditional. We will re-evaluate this summer to see where everyone is and how they are doing and determine our future educational course from there.

There are plenty of workbooks in the house, educational videos, books, etc. We also have access to two different library systems that provide us with a ton of material to choose from. Basics are covered in daily activities. Cooking, building, gardening, etc all require math, reading, science, history, geography really you name it. And spontaneous learning actually means things move into long term memory faster and stay with the kids throughout their lives. Practical applications make all those rules, facts and figures make more sense.

The kids will be back to blogging about their adventures soon. Right now they are enjoying being kids and relaxing. The sound of laughter and happiness reigns supreme in this house.

Light, Love and Peace!

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