Local Raw Milk Source

From the craigslist ad.

I was thumbing through craigslist.org today and come across an ad for Raw Jersey Cow Milk. Imagine my surprise and enthusiasm after emailing and getting a response.

Thank you to Jamie and Trish for bringing wholesome goodness to our part of South Carolina. Our family is looking forward to meeting yours!

Here is what they had to say in response to my inquiry:

“We are looking at setting up our dairy in Marion County, with plans to deliver to several different areas. We hope to be set up and running within 90 days. It has been our dream for a long time to be able to provide raw milk, and with South Carolina being one of ten states where raw milk sales are legal, our dream can come true. We plan to start with a smaller 30 cow pasture raised Jersey herd, with plans to increase as demands increase. Long term goals are to add a cheese line as well as ice cream….We also plan on having an interactive website where there will be a barn cam in place so you can see where your milk is coming from and how it is handled….We will be offering milk in both glass and plastic containers…..Please tell all of your friends…!!!!! Jamie and Trish”

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