Working My Way Back

Yep, he is my boy.

It is taking a bit of doing but we are working our way back into life. We had to of course get school going again and play catch up. Right now we are taking things slow. We had the plague run through the house and emotionally we have been drained way below normal. So we are exhausted.

We do have plans for this week. Reclaiming the kitchen, yep daddy was here and we loved having him and really needed him, but time to put it all in order the way we want it. Cleaning up the outside, with the van and now a trailer, we can get the backyard cleared of trash. Grass needs to be cut and we need to finish spreading out our wood chips where needed.

I am also planning on a memorial celebration aka Jay’s Kegger, for Saturday, March 31st. Late afternoon, I will provide drinks, bonfire and snacks. This will be an open house for friends, family and colleagues of Jay’s to stop by, have a toast and bring a happy memory. He didn’t want the fanfare and sadness of a traditional funeral. Those of you who know us well, know that we are anything but traditional.

That is where things stand at the moment. The garden needs to be revived/redone and a few other plans are being altered to fit our new family life. Nothing drastic we are just going to slow down and take each day as it comes. It takes a while to put the pieces back together but we are working on it.

We are very lucky and extremely blessed to have the loving support of our family and friends both near and far. Whether you are new to us or we have known you forever, we love all of you.

Peace, Light and Love!

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