Cooking with Kids

We love it when she visits Earth from her home planet of Mars.

I am seriously thinking of turning parts this blog over to our new chef. The Forest Fairy aka Claire, has shown some real dedication and drive in learning to cook. She is a talented young writer and an enterprising young chef.

Everyone in the house gets to cook or at least help cook a meal or two. I find that we cover many educational topics and generally have a blast. Even the youngest is learning a thing or two about mixing. He isn’t quite tall enough to reach the stove/oven just yet but with some help he can manage to make his favorite mac and cheese.

My oldest has mastered cooking eggs, grilled cheese and a few other of her favorite foods. But my middle child, my beautiful Forest Fairy has a real knack for experimentation and a drive for creativity. So definitely look for some posts coming from her in the next few weeks.

In the mean time I will work on catching up on cooking tips, tricks and shopping for a well stocked, seasonal kitchen. I think that we will be focusing on inexpensive healthy meals. Good, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive.

Light, Love and Peace

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