Cooking Tip #1 — #SundaySupper

I am going to pull a page out of my grandmother’s book for my first cooking tip. Start with an old fashioned #SundaySupper. If you need ideas for these you can follow the hash tag on Twitter.

Do you remember why Sunday Supper had been such an important part of meal planning? At one point in time it was a day of rest for the whole family. Everyone got together for a large early evening meal. It was a time to eat and enjoy the company of your family.

For my grandmother it was the day of the week that determined meals for the rest week. There was some kind of meat that slow cooked all day. This meat would reappear throughout the week for lunches and dinners. I also remember meat not being the center of the meal. The side dishes were what everyone looked forward to. These would include salads, vegetables and bread. When plates were made up the meat serving was a very small portion of the meal, it wasn’t the focal point of the meal.

Once the meal was over and the food was being put away, the meat was divided up for use in future meals. There were always sides left over for use in other meals for the week. It wasn’t unusual that Friday night was casserole night and Saturday night was a soup or stew.

No one walked away hungry but everyone seemed to eat less. My opinion it was because we enjoyed the company of our family, ate slower and laughed a lot. For us we have established dinner as a family meal. Most of the time we sit at the table and eat. There are times when we decide to watch a movie together and enjoy dinner. The key to it all is eating slowly with your family. You eat less and enjoy your food more.

One thought on “Cooking Tip #1 — #SundaySupper

  1. Love the post! It's still the same way in my house these days, though pasta has been replaced at times with something else. However, we sit at the table as a family for just about every supper but Sundays are special.


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