This Week’s Homeschool Adventures

Claire’s interpretation of a poem.

We seem to have grand adventures on a daily basis. This week started off with hanging with our friends and neighbors. There was the now infamous Nerf war, nature walk, a bit of activism and fun watching the kids explore. These excursions require a crock pot meal for dinner or something very quick. We always seem to spend the entire afternoon, into the early evening together. Whether there are science experiments going on, physical education, reading, critical thinking and imagination.

Evening of toad hunting. Ecology studying the habits of amphibians.

Home economics has involved learning how to make laundry soap, baking bread and cooking eggs. All of also involve science, math and a bit of art. We have been watching videos for history and science as well. There was a poetry reading and painting session followed by an afternoon of playing that ended in a trip to a local ice cream parlor for malts and cones. We have culminated our weekend with assessment tests for virtual public charter school and an exercise in engineering and design aka flooring frame for a fort.

We are doing a combination of public virtual charter schools and unschooling (some may argue that you can’t do both). How are our children benefiting from this? We have opened the world up for them and are encouraging them to follow their passions. Those passions change frequently but we feel that giving them opportunity to explore each and everyone of them we are helping them gain experience and knowledge to become whatever they want.

Being able to watch as the light bulb goes on over their heads is an awesome thing.

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