Spring is Springing!

Spinach peeking out at us.

Yep, spring is most definitely here at Squirrel Point Farm. The weather is getting warmer, plants are sprouting and I am sure I saw a fine film of pollen on the beast this morning.

Strawberries coming through the mulch.

Our newly planted strawberries are showing promise and so are our lettuce and spinach. Using clean soil in raised beds is definitely making a difference. I also feel that using the raised beds will help with our water situation this summer. We had a horrible drought last year and since we are on public water we were hard pressed to pull anything out of the ground.

Lettuce popping up!

The advantage to the raised bed is that we are able to use clean soil and compost and not have to worry about soil contaminants. We are hoping to maintain better control on soil moisture by adding wooden bottoms to our garden boxes. Eventually they will decompose, hopefully by that time the soil on this property will have had the time to heal.

Over the coming weeks we will be building more boxes and using alternative planters to add more bounty to our garden. Hopefully we will have enough room to have successive plantings so that we have a constant supply of fresh veggies.

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