Rethinking Things

So many plans, thoughts, ideas and wants but too many to do any one thing efficiently. After some discussions hubby and I have come to the conclusion that need to narrow down our projects for this year. So we have decided that we are going to focus on a smaller list this year. We can add projects as time goes on.

Baby steps folks, becoming sustainable has to be done in baby steps.

So our revised project list is:

  • Gardening/Homesteading
  • Home Renovations
  • Writing

That seems like a really short list but when you think about what is going into each one of those three main projects there is still quite a bit to do.

Gardening Projects

  • Building Raised beds
  • Starting seeds
  • New compost bins
  •  Building Pallet fence
  • Building chicken house and brooder
  • Maintaining the garden

 Home Renovations

  • Adding on one room
  • Yanking out old paneling and insulation to be replaced with insulation and sheet rock.
  • New flooring.


  • Books — Yep there is the frugal, seasonal cooking series and a few others in the works
  • Blogs — Maintaining our 3 blogs and a few guest blogs

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