3 Different Learning Styles

Every child learns differently. The number of learning styles in your family is directly related to the number of people in it. In our case we have 3 children and each one learns differently.

The Superhero

Stickers, Wii and Dolly, a perfect afternoon.

The Superhero must be in perpetual motion in order for him to focus. I think it has to do with being only 7 years old. He is also an auditory/tactile learner. While pictures, videos, etc do help, he really takes in the most by hearing and doing. While this makes it a little bit more difficult to learn to write, it has certainly helped him learn to read. Yes, he is finally really reading. I think he could all along but just needed a bit more time to realize he had the ability. Writing will come soon enough, though I do encourage all of my children to write. That’s what happens when your mother is a writer.

The Forest Fairy 

Trying to look so much older and not really succeeding.

The Forest Fairy is a visual/tactile learner. I think one thing all 3 have in common is the fact that they have to touch it, smell it and even taste it at times. This is my artsy, eccentric child. If we can relate it in some artistic fashion she gets it right away. Practical applications work well, if she can see it and feel it she can do it. Her weakness has been math, however, through cooking, budgeting and various art projects math has become easier.

Writing for my Forest Fairy is second nature. Poetry, songs and short stories. She has gobs of them that she has written, most in need of finishing. I am not worried about her completing the stories, she still lives in her own world and uses her wonderful imagination on a regular basis. My most favorite thing is that she reads. Everything and anything she can get her hands on. Romance and mystery novels most especially.

The Bug Bite

Learning that it is ok to play in the dirt no matter how old you are.

Total auditory/visual/tactile learner. Her educational background until recently has been public school. Transitioning to homeschooling has been interesting. Finding out that she can learn about what interests her and include standard subjects as part of daily living has been an interesting experience. It has lead to long discussions across so many topics. There are, not surprisingly, gaps in some general knowledge. It is as if she was living in a tiny box and let out into the world for the first time.

Exploring options and discovering herself and her passions is definitely leading to some new adventures for everyone. It will be interesting to see where she goes. Our caterpillar is emerging from her cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. 

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