Reviving Ye Olde Homeschooling Blog

I think our homeschooling adventures belong back on our homeschooling blog. I love dedicating time just to sharing every part of what we are doing. In hopes to inspire others to find their passions and dreams. Those of you who know me well, I always have a lot to say and one place to write it all down just isn’t enough for me!

I know I am masochistic in a way. Maintaining several blogs at one time. However, they are all connected. My followers are as diverse as I am eccentric so I feel that having a place for everyone is essential to my evil plan to take over the world.

Yes, I am raising liberal, free thinking activists who will affect changes in the world. So in order to put my evil plan into action I will be sharing our homeschooling adventures with the world here. It is crazy, I know and not everyone appreciates the undertaking of educating ones children. But my husband and I were our children’s first teachers and won’t be their last, however, we are instilling a love of learning and passion for knowledge that they will not get anywhere else.

Reintroducing the heathens:

Going clockwise: The Super Hero, The Bug Bite and The Forest Fairy.

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