Lazing around

The farm beast has been armed and is ready to go to battle.

You ever wake up in the morning and just feel like you have hit a brick wall? Well that was me today. I have been doing some work on writing, hanging on Pinterest, researching outdoor canning kitchens, drawing up blue prints for buildings and a few other things. Last week was so hectic and then yesterday we had such a blast on our nature walk and hanging with our homeschooling friends and neighbors.

There were nerf wars, eclology lessons, a bit of activism and so much more that went on yesterday. It is the type of fun and learning that you just plan a crock pot meal because you lose track of time.

After the kids turned in early hubby and I played Wizard 101 and again lost track of time. So by the time morning rolled around I was dead tired even after sleeping in. We got through school work, I am so waiting to finish this year in the virtual charter school and get back to the way we used to do things. Yeah we could pull the kids but I do want them to learn to complete things that are started. We got meals taken care of, a couple of friends have stopped by for a visit and I took a small nap.

There is so much to do that today it just seemed to overwhelm me. Tonight will be back to early to bed and early to rise. I get so much more writing done when I get up before the kids, I need solitude to be able to focus. Once the house is up and moving there are other things to tend to.

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So for now I will concentrate on relaxing and being lazy, drawing up blue prints and enjoying the fresh air flowing through the open windows. Tomorrow is another day and it will bring some other new and inviting challenges. And a plan of attack which I will put together before I go to bed.

Light, Love and Peace!

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