Weekly Recap

The farm beast.

This has been a hectic week for us. We have spent the last 6 weeks bumming rides from our awesome friends, Ange and Christa. Our federal tax refund came in which allowed us to pay off a number of items and purchase a vehicle.

We spent Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week putting ourselves into the black and getting a vehicle. Ok we bought a few other things that may not have been have tos and ate a few meals out. However, not a bit of guilt nor do we feel anything went against our basic belief in want vs need.

We don’t eat out often in the scheme of things. So we chose a local restaurant for a couple of those meals that purchases the majority of their ingredients locally. We even know who produces some of the those ingredients. So anyone local to Myrtle Beach or just passing through you will want to definitely stop by Victoria’s on 3rd Ave South. Great little diner with great service. You will want to sit in Faye’s section by the way. We also ate one meal at Friendly’s. It was nearby and everyone was starving.

We had to replace a computer monitor and get printer ink and paper. A deal on all of them by shopping around and using store card and coupons. Everyone also got new underwear, I know wasteful purchase. The kids got a few things that they have been wanting. I was able to stock up on pantry basics.

The van, the beast of burden for our family and farm. The first thing out of the mouths of friends have been “That isn’t fuel efficient.” What we have learned over the last 6 weeks is that we don’t need to go driving around every day. Granted my husband still has to travel to work but as for the rest, if we combine trips and walk more, gas isn’t going to be a hardship. I am in love with the space for everyone and stuff. We had to do a few things to the beast which took up most of our time the last few days, nothing major, tires, oil change, front end alignment. But it runs and has a trailer hitch! So for us, an 8 cylinder beast is going to be efficient. Two small fuel economy cars would end up costing us just as much in the end.

We are down to only our household bills. We had gotten into debt buying into the emergency need and yeah sure it will be ok we can pay off that pay day loan, installment loan, title loan, etc. Yeah no never ever again. So here we are with a workable budget and our costs going down with every step we take towards becoming sustainable.

Mulched strawberries. The box on the top were two plants that didn’t fit.

Now as for the garden. We have strawberries in and mulched over with leaves. Lettuce, spinach and Swiss Chard bright lights all in raised beds. We have also started our brassiacs in mini greenhouses. Over the next few weeks we will be starting more seeds for more of our summer crops. There is a threat of drought for this year but I think we will be ok. Raised beds and rain water collection going should help offset any lack of rain. I will be posting more on planting, what and how, as the weeks go by. I am perfecting my gardening journal and should have one ready for download soon.

I should be out from under all my email and caught up on my writing by tomorrow evening.

Light, Love and Peace!

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