Making Good Choices

We are bombarded daily with choices. To buy the latest and greatest, to try this new food or we are strongly encouraged to purchase something we really don’t need. To effect economic change we need to rethink the way we buy things and what we buy.

I cannot tell you what is a good choice for you to make. I can suggest that to make those good choices you need to consider want vs need. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need that?
  • I want that because it will help me ____.
  • That will improve my life by _____.
  • Can I really afford that in the long run? (Often taking on new debt is affordable in the beginning but do you have a back up plan if something happens to your income?)
  • Is a temporary fix really worth the cost?

There is a cultural think in American society that we have no choice but to go to big box stores, that the only place to get food is a chain grocery store and that we have to have the newest “thing”. What we need to do is step and reconsider what we really need. As a society we need re-evaluate what is important to us and what is nice to have.

We are simplifying our lives here at Squirrel Point Farm. A process that began out of necessity and is now out of desire. Fewer chotchkies means less dusting and less clutter. It also means that the money not spent on those things goes into renovating our home for energy efficiency. It means we are not supporting big business whose labor practices in other countries is reminiscent of the early 20th century factories in the U.S.

The next time you feel a commercial trying to encourage to buy more stuff think long and hard about whether you really need it in your life or would rather use that money to support a local mom and pop shop or go to the farmer’s market. Even better take that money and put it in an envelop to save for a special night with your family or significant other. 

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